Woodshop 101 #047 : Jeremy's Summer Episode


Welcome to Episode #047. Tonight I am going to talk about Pocket Holes vs Wood Movement and what are the essential tools to keep with you when you have to temporarily close up shop.


Jeremy - I've been listening to the podcast for a couple months now and trying to get more into woodworking as a hobby (as opposed to just fixing things around the house as a handyman as I've done in the past). 

One of the projects my wife is pushing for is a farmhouse style dining room table. Much like the one you have pictured for Lisa's Table on your site. Now trying to do my due diligence I've been reading up on various opinions and a lot of people speak rather poorly of pocket-holes in general and voice a lot of concerns about the Ana-White / Shabby-2-Chic style designs for not accounting for wood movement.

You guys on the show seem to have an excellent grasp on building these sorts of items, so my question is this: Is wood movement & pocket holes really that big of a deal? If I build a design like this will I just be in tears when my design tears itself apart in 6 months? The internet is full of opinions but rarely from those who have actual experience. Sorry for the round-about question, I'm just trying to get some encouragement before jumping in and buying materials.



Dave Borg: If you had to close up shop for a time (couple months) what are the essential tools for your work that you would find a way to keep running? When we move I will not have access to a shop space for a time and I am trying to decide how best to handle it and still be able to do some work.


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