Woodshop 101 #039 : Steal it & Run


Welcome to Episode #039. Today we are going to talk about table saw vibration, selling your items, and the use of pallet wood!


Drew - Starting two projects, Sliding dovetail miter frame and designing a his and hers hand gun case.

Jeremy - Designing a coffee table!

Sam - Planter box


Andy Lopez:Hey buddy, first of all I really love the way you take your time and explain how you create your jigs….so my question is this…. I’m your neighborly carport wood worker and I do mu creating under my Carport lol I just recently bought a craftsman table saw that I restored back to good condition I only paid 40$ for it and really like it but it has some vibration while running…I’m thinking of changing the belt to a v belt- one that comes in links and you adjust it by removing some links. I’ve seen it on some YouTube videos but in my little town (Big Spring, TX) it’s not possible lol…nobody has heard of such a thing. Anyway what do you think of my idea? Will that help? Maybe I didn't mount the motor right …..Looking forward to your idea my friend stay cool….later! BOOM!!!! Did I get that right hahahaha

Scott Albrecht:Hey guys and gal, just wanted to say i love your podcast, it makes the hour commute to and from work entertaining and less monotonous.  Also wanted to say thanks for all the time you put in to your content creation, as a father with 3 busey boys, I really appreciate the sacrifices you all make in your own busey lives to provide this content to us.  Love the addition of Sam to the pod, she adds an excellent dynamic to you guys and a valued point of view.  Would also like to throw out a possible show topic : how to go from just making things for your self, friends and fam to making money from what you make, comissions, flea markets, etsy ect.  I have recently started an etsy store, however found I am lost in the Frey and don't have high hopes for that working out.  Any how, hope you all have a good week and thanks again for all that you do.

Cale Blalock:Just curious on thoughts about pallet wood and if you guys think it's worth all the time invested in breaking down a pallet. I don't have a lot of money and to me there is more work involved but it's free. Love the show. Thanks


Jim Davis:As far as painting pine, I like to use B-I-N Primer by Zinger. It’s a white pigmented shellac and does a great job of hiding discoloration including knot bleed through.

David Borg: Jeremy,

I found that Rikon does make a similar model to your 40200H but the replica of that is now sold under the name Cutech Tools. Their website is www.cutechtool.comand they sell some inserts for the Accu-Head segmented cutter head in your planer. They are a bit pricey but if you end up only needing a few, it may not be too bad. 


If buying new, look at the Ridgid 4331 or the Dewalt DW734. The Dewalt is $399 new but can be found for less depending on sales and such. 

Thanks guys for spending the time you do not have on providing info to those of us just getting starting as a hobbyist. My 8 year old son wants to start a business so we are going down the path of woodworking and starting with cutting boards and such. Your podcast is one of the few he can listen to and since he loves everything woodworking, it is nice to give him some options. Keep it up guys.

Michael Tishler: Hey all,

Great podcast! I heard podcast #37 and have many suggestions for budget conscience tool buying based on your discussion.

Drew mentioned the Rigid thickness planer. The Dewalt DW735 was rated by far the best of the bench top models, but with a price to match. After much research (http://my.woodmagazine.com/woodworking-tools/reviews/jointer-planer/benchtop-planers/?page=3) and checking my budget, I purchased the Rigid 4331. It is an upgrade from the planer in the article. It has a chip impeller similar to Dewalt's, dual blades, and many more features. Another deciding factor for this one was the integrated infeed and outfeed tables which greatly reduce snipe. Rigid does cover this and any power tool under their lifetime warranty program as long as you register the tool online and send in the UPC and receipt for proof of purchase. And their battery power tools have a lifetime battery replacement for registered tools.

My first job using the thickness planer was running 250 board feet of yellow pine to build counters for a pizzeria in my area. Great results!

One place that I really like to check out for tools are pawn shops. Here in Tampa Bay, FL. there are a lot of pawn shops to check out. I purchased a table saw and got a great deal. I purchased cordless drill/drivers as well as other power and air tools. Many time, the tools are barely used.

Many tools from Craftsman are branded from other manufactures. I purchased the Craftsman 10" bandsaw, which is actually a Rikon 10-305. so check out to see if the tool is just branded by Craftsman.

One other place I check out is bigskytool.comfactory reconditioned tools at great prices. I purchased a 4gallon Hitachi air compressor for $89 and an 18v Hitachi lithium power drill for $69. I highly recommend them.

If any of you are in the Tampa Bay area, give me a shout. You can come out to my shop and maybe we could collab on some videos.


Drew - Biesmeyer 52" T-Glide Fence System(http://www.deltamachinery.com)

Jeremy - Sticker Mule(http://bit.ly/CSWstickermule)

Sam - Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig (http://amzn.com/B00YT79BS2)


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