Woodshop 101 #029 : Beginner's Project

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Welcome to Episode #029. Today we are going to talk about beginner projects and which ones we feel are great to start with.

Beginner's Projects

Drew - 5/6 Board Bench or a basic Quilt Rack

Jeremy - A face or edge grain cutting board or a basic table (dining, sofa, end, coffee).

What's New

Drew will be at The Woodworking Show in Atlanta Apr 1-3.

Jeremy will be at The Woodworking Show in Houston Feb. 26-28.

Check out Jeremy's big news: www.countrysideworkshop.com/articles/whats-new


We are turning 1 on Feb. 3rd and we are hosting a big giveaway to celebrate that milestone. It runs until Feb. 29th (leap year) @ 11:59pm Central time. The items up for grabs are Microjig, General Finishes, Bell Forest Products, & Rockler. Head over to www.countrysideworkshop.com/giveaway


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