Woodshop 101 #011 : Jeremy's Lonely


Today we talk about how to convert your hobby into a business. We are joined tonight by our guest host April Wilkerson of Wilker Do's. 

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Drew - Built a butterfly house for Father's Day with the help of his daughter.

Jeremy - Working on the fireplace mantle and built a Rock-n H Woodshop inspired miter jig for the table saw.

April - Working on the bathroom vanity for her parents.

How to transition your hobby into a full fledged business?


Archie Kinner asked on Patreon "I was wondering what sizes your shops are and are they purpose built for their function. I often laugh when I hear about small shops from the Americas.. my shop is 10' x 11' this contains a Jet Cabinet saw, a Hammer Planer Thicknesser, Jet DC1900 Vortex, Kapex Chop saw, Bench and various other bits.. I get to be very agile when I work."

Joshua Tree Custom Furniture: Drew, I do my pricing on custom orders just the same as you I do sometimes however tack on a little extra depending on the difficulty of the project at hand , but normally it is double the cost of the materials. I have been doing OK with this but sometimes I wander if I should charge less in order to sell more. I feel like where I am located people just do not have the money and will opt for some cheap knock down style furniture versus a durable, solid, custom piece. Any thoughts?


Paul Meyette, I haven't done any craft shows or the like. However for pricing I generally still tailor it to time in and materials.  I know my ability and how long it SHOULD take. Plus material. I do also factor in who it is for. I price lower for family and close friends, knowing repeat business is coming. Some things I have done for free. Following Jimmy DiResta's train of thought that if you charge something,  you own it forever. If you do it for free, and the customer comes back a year later with an issue,  hey, you did it for free. Stop complaining.


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