Woodshop 101 #006 : You've been Branded


Today we will talk about branding your work, how, & why.

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Jeremy - Working of the 9 month sofa table, completing 11 plaques for military members, and turning a large pen order for a customer.

Drew - Working on a video that show drawer construction 3 different ways.

Do you brand your work? If so, how & why?

Drew - He was handed down the Rock-n H company name from his wife's grandfather. When he inherited the company name it came with a branding iron. He uses the branding iron on larger pieces and signs his name on smaller pieces using a wood burning tool. It takes time and patience but turns out good. 

Jeremy - He uses a combination of things. On larger products he uses a custom 1 ½" x 3" stamp from www.rubberstamps.net, signs and dates, and insets a penny from the current year. On smaller projects he just signs and dates, but is looking into a smaller 1" x 1" stamp. 


  • Joseph Chase - Can you do a video on using wet wood like branches from Crepe Myrtle? Turning or Scrolling?

    • It wouldn't be much of a video! It turns the same as dry wood except if you are turning larger projects (i.e. Bowls) then you need to let it dry before final turning or it will warp. Anything smaller like pens or bottle stoppers will crack as they dry and shrink. Either way you can't apply a finish until they have dried out.


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