Woodshop 101 #005 : Drunken Sharp


Today we will talk about hand tools and how to keep them sharp. We are joined by guest host David Picciuto, The Drunken Woodworker.

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Jeremy - Just released a video on turning a Dyed Bottle Stopper.

Drew - Building a sitting bench for storage of shoes. This will be the bench of joints. Every joint will be constructed with a different joinery method. Released a promo video on Rockler's Bandy Clamps.

David - Released an April Fool's video with a Mickey Mantle baseball card. Working on a camera slider.

Hand tools and keeping them sharp!

Drew - He just got the Worksharp 3000system in the shop and hasn't had the opportunity to test it out, but hopes this will be all he needs for keeping his limited hand tools sharp.

Jeremy - He has DMT Sharpening Stones and Shaptons but now turns to his Worksharp 3000to get his tools scary sharp.

David - Used water stones prior to getting the Worksharp 3000but now enjoys the Worksharp because he doesn't have to set up a permanent sharpening station.


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How you can find out more about David Picciuto!

His website: www.thedrunkenwoodworker.com

His Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/drunkenwoodworker

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrunkenWoodworker


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