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You will see some sponsorships throughout the website such as Harry's, ISOtunes, GrooveLife, or Leesa. These companies either pay us directly for advertising for them or they include their products in our videos, articles, or ads. You will only see sponsorships from companies that we hand select and pursue based their products. If we like their products and we use them then we want to support them. You will not see a sponsor for a company in which we do not believe in their products or the morals of their company do not line up with ours. Sponsorships are critical as they frequently send us products that are used on the show or in the website. Without these companies' sponsorships we would not be able to deliver you the best content possible.

We do receive products for free from time to time to give our honest feedback on them. These "product reviews" come in the form of quick product recommendation in an episode.  These reviews are the honest opinion of ourself, Jeremy Crawford, Drew Short, & Sam Wooddell and not coerced by the company sending the product. We generally do not post a review in a public forum if it is extremely negative, We give that feedback to the company, but will not hide how we feel about it and will share our opinion if asked. As a VERY small company we do not have the resources to buy all the latest and greatest gadgets for the shop, so we will reach out to a few companies from time to time to review a product. However, the goal of this podcast is and will alway remain a place for education and entertainment.

The articles you find on this website are written by us. If the content is not a good fit for our brand it will not be posted on this website.

Safety is the most important thing in the shop. It is your responsibility to make sure you are using all the necessary safety precautions in your shop. We will not accept liability for loss or damage to you or your shop. This website should not be used as a one stop shop for information, it is merely a starting point. Do your research before attempting the techniques we talk about. 

We believe in honesty, integrity, and morality. We will operate in such a manner that best puts those values first. we will not COMPROMISE our values or misrepresent ourselves or the companies that sponsor us.